Eyelash extension

Essential role for the eyes expressiveness and depth has the length and density of eyelashes. There is hardly any woman who does not dream about beautiful shaped, thick and curved eyelashes

Unfortunately, by the methods familiar to us for extension with whole eyelashes or bundles natural vision is difficult to achieveThese methods give way to the most recent and popular extension technology hair by hair.

This is a completely safe and efficient method, ensuring natural vision and long lasting effect. Eyelashes are applied to the natural ones, one by one, using hypoallergenic adhesive, without having direct contact with the eyelid. In this way the eyelashes length and volume is increased. This results in extremely expressive eyes, for which is not even necessary to use mascara.

Extension eyelashes are made of silk and come in different sizes, which helps to meet any demands from the ladies. The placing procedure is extremely delicate. At the beginning of the process eyelids and natural eyelashes are degreased with special tonic, then we proceed to the application of the new eyelashes. Work shall be done simultaneously with two tweezers and requires precision and patience throughout the procedure. To achieve maximum effect are required 50-60 placed hairs on the eyelid. The whole process requires creative imagination and great skill of the specialist, because in most cases the combination of several eyelash sizes is required. This is guarantee for smooth and natural effect.

If our eyelashes are placed by a qualified person and are kept in good condition by the ladies, they can last up to 3 months, just as much as natural eyelash life lasts. Once the natural eyelash falls, it falls together with the artificially glued one. Therefore it is necessary monthly maintenance, adding additional eyelashes on the newly grown hairs. Thus you can keep your enchanting look for years. Essential for the viability of the placed eyelashes is to observe only two basic rules: do not use waterproof mascara and makeup removing products should not be on oily foundation, because they reduce the glue effect. Their main advantages over other artificial eyelashes are that they cannot be distinguished from natural ones and won’t come off during bathing under the shower, in pool and sea. So you don’t have to choose between your beautiful eyes and the enjoyment of your holiday.

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